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Welcome to Breeze Kiteboarding

Kite Surfing is one of the newest and most exciting water sport in the world. The combination of parasailing and wakeboarding create new surfing style which offers relaxation and excitement at the same time. However, just like any other extreme sport you need to learn about the safety rules and how to handle emergency situations. Proper guiding and practice are needed to overcome any obstacles.

One2Kite school was established on Koh Phangan in 2008 with Sam and Yo with the help of Dani V. In 2012, Dani decided to re-branded as Breeze Kiteboarding. We provide lessons and training for any beginner, intermediate or advance riders. Every kite surfer’s first priority should be their personal safety and the safety of the people around them. Our instructors are full qualified and experienced in both riding and teaching. We train our own instructors which required to work as assistants for a minimum of one month before they can start teaching students. Breeze Kiteboarding main goal is to get you riding quickly & safely.

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Student Testimonials


Beside being the most experienced kiteboarding school on Koh Phangan, we are also...

  1. Organizer of Kite Competitions

    We are proud organized of annual Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Competition in September that is also part of Thailand Kiteboarding Competition. 

  2. Board Member of KAT

    We are a board member of KAT, Kiteboarding Association of Thailand. KAT helps organized competition and sponsoring Thai riders to compete in world kiteboarding competition events.

  3. Member of Phangan Tourism Association

    We help promote tourism on Koh Phangan to better our island. We support Koh Phangan events.

  4. TKO KIte Center

    Organizing kiteboarding structure & training Thailand Kiteboarding instructors and certified students from all around the world.

  5. PAC Supporter

    We support all PAC, Phangan Animal Care, who takes care of stray animal on Koh Phangan. We provide prizes for their local fund raising events.



1 day ago
Photos from Breeze Kiteboarding's post

John is our new Breeze team rider. He will be riding with us until January next year.
Awesome wind today. Come join the fun!

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