Breeze Info.

One2Kite was one of few kite school started in Hua Hin over 10 years ago, founded by Sam, Yo, Pop & Edwin. In 2008, they expanded their location to Koh Phangan and with the help of Dani(Breeze owner) they settled at Phangan Beach Resort. Dani took over the One2Kite branch on Koh Phangan in 2012 and kept it running for one year. In 2013 we re-branded as Breeze Kiteboarding and have been growing in reputation and size since. Our 2018 new Breeze Surf Club is based on the beach in Relax Beach Resort in Ban Tai.

Our Thai national instructors have been trained personally by Dani and required at least 2 months of kite assistant duties before they become Jr. instructor. Our instructors are an experienced kiteboarders, their knowledge of kiteboarding acquired by real situation training. We are open all year around, kiteboard all year around and the team live on the island full-time(not seasonal instructors). Our knowledge of teaching areas and weather predictions are surely accurate. We take customer satisfaction and safety very seriously along with keeping your kiteboarding experience enjoyable.

Kiteboarding is Our Passion. Our Main Goal is Safety & Fun!

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      Breeze Team

      Dani V.

      Position: Owner/Lead Instructor
      Nationality: Thai/American
      Languages: American English, Thai
      Start Kiteboarding: 2008


      Position: Kite Instructor
      Nationality: Thai
      Languages: Thai, English
      Start Kiteboarding: 2010


      Position: Kite Instructor
      Nationality: Thai
      Languages: Thai, English
      Start Kiteboarding: 2014


      Position: Pro Rider
      Nationality: Belgian
      Languages: English, French, Thai
      Start Kiteboarding: 2012


      Position: Assistant
      Nationality: Thai
      Languages: Thai & Very Very little English
      Start Kiteboarding: 2018


      Position: Jr Kite Instructor
      Nationality: Thai
      Languages: Thai & English
      Start Kiteboarding: Nov 2017
      EnglishFrenchGermanSpanishHebrewDutchRussianItalianChinese (Simplified)Thai