Beginning of October is when the rainy season starts and we usually have wind on the first week of the month and some wind before the rain come. This is still west wind or it might come from SE if a storm rolls in.

This month is full rainy season, some year it will rain 2 weeks straight. There might be E or NE wind on the 3rd week of the month. East wind we ride in Haad Rin and NE we go up north.


2nd week of December is when the NE wind kicks in and we would go up to Malibu beach in Chaloklum on the north of the island to ride. It will be almost on shore gusty wind with big storm surge(big wave). If the wind comes in the east then we go to Haad Rin beach to ride the big wave, on shore wind. This famous full moon beach is not recommend for beginner rider since the full on sure gusty wind is not forgiving when a rider make mistake. The last week of the year is always windy with E or SE wind and we have been riding at our spot for the past 2 years. Awesome wind to celebrate Christmas & New Year!

Other Time of the Year

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