1st month of the year feature wind either NE or SE wind. The wind direction effected by the temperature since this is Thailand winter. If it’s a cold winter(really???) wind will be coming from the North and we will ride at Malibu in Chaloklum Bay in the north of Koh Phangan. 2016, we had really good SE wind the how January since an El Ninos year. We can expect 2017 to be the same.

If you enjoy using wave as a kicker to sore high, this is the month for it. The tide will be super high and some days the water inside the reef is over 2 meters high. Beginner riders will need to stay near the shore line just in case they got in trouble. Surf boards or Foil can be use without worry about touching any rocks.

The past 2 years March has been very good wind and very busy. Thermal wind will start when the sun heat up the morning around 9AM. The SE wind is a perfect wind for learning since the tide will be lower this month. This is our BEST month to be kiting on Koh Phangan

Other Time of the Year

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