First week of April might have some soft wind 8-12 knots and the rest of the month is either no wind or breezy wind. It’s the start of the hot summer months and also the low season for tourism. For lighter rider is OK. 2016 we ride with 17m & big board almost daily in 8-10 knots.

The beginning of the monsoon comes at the end of May. Every year we would have CRAZY super strong with that comes with storm. It’s also the start of the low tide.

Afternoon soft wind and turn into storm riding around 4pm for this month. We usually start teaching with 15m and late afternoon we will have to demonstrate safety release system and change to smaller kite. So if June is your holiday month then bring a 17m and a 9m.
On the south and west side of the island will have no water during low tide time of the day. We go to Hin Kong bay to do landboarding if the wind is good.


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