Our lesson starts on the beach with theory & safety. We believe in face to face/hands on training, no video training or trainer kite flying. We featured light wind, easy to fly and relaunch kites that will give you the true experience of kiteboarding from day one!

Our instructors are experienced kiteboarders that have at least 2 months training as an instructor and years of riding experience. We concentrate safety and having fun while learning. Breeze Kiteboarding is a family, we kite together, eat together, party together and share the passion of kiteboarding sport.

Below is our lessons and rental information. Click on the tabs to get more info.

hplessons1Still not sure about kiteboarding? You can try our introductory lesson. Learn wind/flying theory, safety, equipment on land then fly the kite with an instructor in the shallow water. You will learn the basic kite controlling, kite position/behaviors, landing/launching, water relaunching & basic self rescue. You can continue your lessons to the full course packages.

B2 - 1 day/lesson Discover Kiteboarding: 2 hours - 4,000THB

B2X2 - 2 persons 1 day/lesson Discover Kiteboarding: 3 hours - 6,000THB
(must have approximate the same body weight)

hplessons2This is a full kiteboarding course that will covers from on land lesson, basic kite control, basic self rescue, body dragging exercises, water start simulation & on board riding lessons. Student should be able to ride both ways and stop at the end of the course. Some students may need additional lessons or training depends on his/her learning ability.

B6 - 3 days/lessons Beginner Rider Course: 6 hours - 11,000THB

B6X2 - 2 persons 3 day/lesson Beginner Rider Course: 8 hours - 19,000
(must have approximate the same body weight)

hplessons3After you learn all the basic kiteboarding skills, practicing on your own with instructor supervision and guidance will help you gain your riding confident. You will practice on riding both ways, up wind, turning and maybe even start jumping. It's all up to your ability to learn! We will push you as far as you can accept. You should be able to kite anywhere in the world with full confident.

B10 - full lessons + 4 hours rental with supervision: 10 hours - 15,000THB

B10X2 -  2 persons + full lessons + 4 hours rental with supervision: 12 hours - 22,000

hplessons4Any prior experience of kiteboarding can be continue by the hour to get you riding properly. Refreshing is recommended to any beginner rider that hasn't been kiteboarding for awhile. You will be riding with confident and able to rent equipment to continue riding on your own.


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Full set rental includes: Kite, bar, board, harness and safety equipment. Hourly Rental: 1,400THB for 1st hour, 1,200THB for 2nd hour and 1,000THB/hour thereafter. Take advantage of multiple hour rental and get a flat 1,000THB/hr, 10 hrs pack available.

We have North, RRD & Ozone easy to handle kites to fly and have lots of fun with, from 8sqm to 17sqm. Our boards are from 160x44 to small boards, F-One surf board strapless is also available for rental.


lessonkiteLearn kiteboarding with your own equipment and save money! Breeze featuring Ozone Catalyst or Ozone Zephyr for our beginner rider for easy learning, effortless relaunching and a great all around kites. This package includes: 6 hours beginner to rider lesson + suggest kite for your type of body + Kite control bar + Kite bag + Ozone Pump. We will customized the package for you to fit your body weight.

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Below is our lessons and rental information. Click on the tabs to get more info.

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