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This high quality durable bag will hold 2
boards and 2-3 kites with plenty of space for your bars and lines,
harness, pump, wetsuit and travel clothes. The adjustable shoulder strap
makes carrying easy, or clip on the backpack style carry straps if
walking a distance.

There is a separate double padded section which will keep your board
locked in place with straps to avoid movement and damage during travel.
The massive kite and clothing section has three compression straps
outside to keep the bag cinched to a minimum size.

The zip pocket inside the top compartment keeps your fins and screws
safe if you decide to remove them on long hauls. A large zip pocket on
top of the bag makes it easy to access travel documents, maps or your
wind-meter without having to open the main bag.

All the buckles and straps can be tucked away when they are not in
use to avoid any damage to them if they get caught during unwieldy
airport baggage handing. Both tips are protected by the addition of
extra scuff resistant material.

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